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Thursday, April 07, 2005

Happy Birthday to Andrew!

Happy Birthday, Andrew!

Wishing you happiness and stay sexy and fabulous hor!

Monday, April 04, 2005

List of Smilies for Chatterbox :)

Here's a list of smilies Chatterbox will recognize (it's not a huge list, but then Chatterbox is not a full fledged forum anyway):

Simlie Emoticons
:) , :-)
:( , :-(
:| , :-|
:D , :-D
;) , ;-)

Hey! Cool Stuff

I'm honoured to be invited to this forum....thot normally this would be privy
:P Thanks gals and guys!

Remember this best practice? and poster ?

Best Practice in Customer Complaint Handling

I've just invited Lynette too

Hi all,

I'd just invited Lynette to blog too.
Jade and Azhari has yet to accept invitation yet.

For the time being, I will be the sole Admin for this that only i can mess up the layout....if you get what i this is not an Excel file and i cannot do backup.

Andrew, this is a snapshot of your new office :

DHL (SG) CCU Alumni

DHL (SG) CCU Alumni

erm .. i dunno how to test blog leh .. is this right?

Saturday, April 02, 2005

he he! i like this blog!!

Martin!! You have done such a wonderful job in such a short time!! i'm sooo impress!! Got link to learn cantonese somemore!! haiyo!!!

got insurance insurance link or not?? he he he...

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Dear all,

Welcome to DHL(SG) CCU Alumni Blog!
This is the place where all the ex-CCE and members can hang out and gossip gossip.

We're a proud to hail from the famous CustCareUnit and called ourselves friends along our stint there.

Current ex-CCE includes:

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  2. Azhari (still in DHL)
  3. Andrew (still in DHL)
  4. Jade (left DHL 2005)
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  6. Sherlyn (existing CCE but still in our alumni one :)
We'll update any news/development once avail.
In the meantime, we appreciate your understanding and thank you for browsing our blog!

For all members mentioned above, i've sms you to provide me with your email address. So that I can immediately include you as Team Blog to have access to this blog site and update whatever topic you want to create.

Eg: what movie to watch, Amazing race gossip, download tips etc etc .
Basically, you can just post any thing you want! Quick Quick reply hor.

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